Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shawl Recipients from October

Mary Lou Morton
Mary Lou is the mother of David Morton, she is dealing with health issues.

Peter McInnes
Peter underwent heart bypass surgery.

Randy Burch
Randy is the husband of Kristi Anderson's boss, he is dealing with Hepatitis C.

Kent Nofsinger
Kent deals with on going health issues.

Candace Moore
Candace has dealt with deaths in her family.

Reba Sain
Reba is dealing with health issues.

Nick Guilliani & Christine Coggins
Nick & Christine were recently married.

Barrett & Andrea Blair
Barrett recently lost his mother.

Bob Bevill
Bob lost his brother.

Kevin Troutman
Kevin is Mary's neighbor who is dealing with Cystic Fibrosis.

Vaughn Herrold
Vaughn is dealing with health issues.

Jean Lindholm
Jean lost her mother Erma Swoveland.

Helen Lovern
Helen is dealing with health issues and recently lost her daughter Tina.

Jamie Miller & Jennifer Ford
Theses sisters recently lost their father.

Joann Johnson
Joann is dealing with health issues.

Michael & Susan Whitlow
Michael & Susan have recently married.

Joe & Jen Stanton
Joe is coworker of Dean Weems who recently lost their 7 month olf daughter.

Luke Southern
new baby of the Southerns.

Brandon Wise & Jessica Martin
upcoming marriage.

Lucas Green & Jenn Pieters
upcoming marriage.

Kennedy Wilson
new baby of the Wilsons.

Carlotta Klein
Carlotta is dealing with health issues.

The Odell Family
a going away gift for them for their service here.

Karen & Mary Ann McInnes
daughters of Carol & Peter who are facing challenging issues.

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